Hi, I'm Joshua. I am a product designer with a penchant for code, interaction design, and typography. I love to design things that connect people to the world around them and make life more enjoyable.

In my spare time, I host low country boils, drink craft beer and volunteer as a taste-tester for my girlfriend's cooking. You should check out her Instagram if you are a foodie.

Take a look at my résumé or connect with me on LinkedIn. You can also see some of my shots on Dribbble.

My approach

A seemingly endless amount of questions can be posed when you design a product. Why are we making this? What will it do? Who are we making this for? Why will they use this? What do they want? How should it look? How should it move? How should it respond? How can it be personalized? It takes a team to answer these questions. When I approach a design problem, I often reflect on a statement made by Steve Jobs:

You have to start with the customer experience and work backwards to the technology.

The formula for great design is collaboration. When a team can focus on designing the best experience it becomes easier to over come limitations.

If you are interested

As so many designers, I started my career in another field. When I was deciding my career path – at the “wise” age of 18 – there were no social networks, apps or respectable mobile devices. I sort of fell into marketing. The strategic and creative nature of it intrigued me. I was good at it, but I didn't love it. Ultimately, I craved to make things that were useful, that brought value to people or enriched their lives. I designed things for fun, but had never considered it a responsible career choice. What I realized later is that I have always been a designer. My childhood groomed me for it. I just didn't know it, untill one day I just did.

My affinity for technology, in hindsight, probably seems predictable given my family history. I am the son of an engineer and come from a family of computer engineers who worked at IBM as far back as the 1940s. My second cousin Joseph Sheredy was the lead engineer on the IBM 1440. My grandfather was one of the early computer engineers at IBM where he worked for 35 years. As a result, it has been design and how people interact with technology that has interested me the most. My inclination as a child was to take things apart to see how they worked and then put them back together. Make it better than you found it was a lesson instilled in me by my father. This lesson has always stuck with me.

It was shortly after college – still in awe over the announcement of the first iPhone – that I saw design as the path I wanted to forge. Over the last decade, I have collaborated in every area of the design process. I've worked at boutique digital shops and large advertising firms, the most recent being TBWA.